#73: Understanding The Impact of Navigating Multiple Cultures with Mizuho Kanazawa

Our global society and US culture continues to expand with more and more cultures threaded together and weaved into our country.  Although cities throughout the US have been called a “melting pot”, what we actually see are pockets of cultures that never really merge.  Have you ever considered why? More than ever, there is a need for REAL cultural understanding and the creation of inclusive spaces for all to belong. 

In this episode, I welcome Mizuho Kanazawa (Miho), and we discuss the nuances and layers of this intricate topic.  Miho is dedicated to working with clients whose personality and life experience were shaped by more than one culture. She shares her work focus, empowering individuals who juggle multiple cultures, the one they share with their parents and the one in which they are living and navigating.  I learned that there are individuals that are “third culture.” These scenarios come with challenges for people, navigating to understand, be understood and merge their multicultural parts into a healthy identity. 

Miho works closely with her clients and seeks to empower the multicultural person to work through all chapters of their life; to build confidence and be connected in all their important relationships and valued in their community.  Miho discusses the challenges her clients face, from navigating multiple cultures in their families, to being accepted in their home society, to dealing with issues in corporate spaces. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation on cultural identity, the importance of creating safe spaces, and the power of TRUE diversity within corporations where everyone belongs. Listen now!

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [01:24]: Miho’s Journey to Becoming a Multicultural Therapist
  • [6:19] : Third Culture Children
  • [12:10] : What Needs to Happen Inside Corporations 
  • [28:38] : Why People Need to Share Their Identity and Cultural Stories 
  • [48:55] :  These are ALL Human Conditions

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