“Being able to share my knowledge, educate and mentor other professionals in this realm is a complete honor.”


DeLorenzis Reyes

Maria has over 30 years of experience in training and development, product management, project management and business process re-engineering. The combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with business education in varied industries is one of her most significant qualities. Maria has the unique perspective of seeing things from both sides – inside multi-million and billion-dollar organizations and building her own businesses and that of her clients.

Hailed as a straightforward leader, Maria only gives the real truth to help companies grow and prosper. At times pushing boundaries, her intention is always to challenge the status quo, help open minds, and try innovative approaches that others may not see as options. She is passionate about what she does, sharing her insights and knowledge with others to help and serve them.




Maria has been a featured speaker at annual industry seminars, events, and corporate-sponsored training programs throughout her career. Maria has over 30 years of experience in the areas of training and development, and product development, from concept to market delivery, client service, marketing, software implementation, and process improvement. She holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing and has completed numerous courses in management, technology, and Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification training.

Through her speaking presentations, Maria only gives the real truth to help her audience learn, grow and prosper. At times pushing boundaries, her intention is always to challenge the status quo and help open minds and try innovative approaches that others may not see as options. Her intention is to provide her unique perspective of seeing things from both sides – working in multi-million/billion-dollar organizations and building her own business - to share the lessons learned and insights through that experience.

Signature Talks by Maria include...


  • Modern Leadership
  • Business Strategy and Growth
  • Teamwork and Motivating Others
  • Building Workplace Culture
  • Innovation and Improvement
  • Managing Change in Organizations


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“Maria inspires and provides solid business direction and strategies for rising leaders, our executive team. She energizes our teams and offers relatable stories of inspiration that motivate and are engaging. she is a huge asset to our organization.”

Marguerite DeSena, Executive VP, Spring Window


“Maria captures the attention of her audience by sharing her personal experiences to create real impact for our training programs. We come to her first for every new workshop or training program we run for our staff.”

Julie Doren, Doren Development


Maria specializes in bringing critical life skills and workforce training to clients of MDR Brands and Training Innovations. Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, Maria brings her real-world corporate management experience to her training, providing participants with relatable examples.

With rich experience in business re-engineering and innovation, she has worked on numerous projects that implemented changes in systems, processes and management. Starting with a needs analysis, Maria helps companies guide their staff through changing environments and brings training that ensures a smooth transition.

Training and Presentations given at

thought leadership Customer Service and Innovation

Maria is a leader with a proven record of creating an extraordinary experience for customers. Aside from her 30 years of experience working in corporations and building her own business, Maria serves on the advisory board for the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business CX program, an Executive Education Certification Program for Professionals that focuses on building the best customer experience. Her background in Client Service and Product Development allows her to contribute to this program with real experience. She has built-in developing products and support services that meet customers’ demands and changing needs.

In her corporate experience with Nielsen Media Research, she was tasked with building out an exceptional customer experience for data and software clients – through their journey from contract to delivery and beyond, with support and education to ensure they achieved the ROI intended in subscribing to the products. That intention and formula is one that she has weaved into her own company brand and built into the products and support that she creates to ensure her clients’ satisfaction. Further, being an advisor allows her to mentor other working professionals that have a role in creating and leading customer experience initiatives in their organizations. “Being able to share my knowledge and educate and mentor other professionals in this realm is a complete honor.”

Innovation is a key area of focus in everything that Maria does. Through her career working in multi-million and billion-dollar corporations, building her own business, and consulting with her clients to help them scale, innovation is what drives the strategies that she helps to implement. Maria is passionate about challenging boundaries, and the status quo, helping to open minds and foster a culture of approaching situations with innovative solutions. With this mindset, Maria has established herself as a leader in business and innovation. She was selected as one of the “20 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of 2022” and featured in The Women Leaders Magazine, June 2022 edition.

additional training and certificates

In addition to Maria’s other business credentials she holds these certifications:

  • Project Management Professional, PMP
  • Certified NLP Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Personal Empowerment Coach, PECC
  • Master Level NLP Practitioner
  • Master Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy, TLT
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