#31: The Power of Leadership: Unlocking the Secrets to Building a Thriving Team

What is the secret to building a thriving team? What are the keys to being a leader that can create that? Building and leading an engaged team can be a tall order, and most leaders want that, but struggle to make it happen. In this episode of Finding the Upside, we dive into this topic and highlight 2 of the most important aspects of being that leader, discuss the current demands of the workforce and how to build a strong company culture.

Creating the environment that supports a strong culture is paramount in today’s climate. The pandemic has brought new challenges to the workplace for sure, but it has also highlighted the importance of work-life balance and culture. Conversations have to include creating safe spaces, offering meaningful work, investing in employee development and addressing bias, So, how can you create a team that feels valued, motivated, and connected to their work?

Join me as I share actionable tips and insights on Building and Leading Your Team and take the first step towards building a thriving and engaged team together!

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