#32: Thinking about your Thinking: Why You Need To Do This

Thinking about your thinking…It’s a practice of thinking about your thoughts often referred to as metacognition – it involves being self-aware…but it is also the foundation of critical thinking. 

With the fast-changing world we live in, it is crucial to consider how our beliefs and positions have developed and to be open to new evidence, facts and information. But with the availability of information in today’s world that makes this even more challenging. Misinformation, false information can be presented to us without even realizing it and it makes our news literacy and critical thinking skills the only thing that can save us.  

Tune in to today’s episode, to gain insight into this important skill as I discuss the importance of critical thinking and self-awareness.  We dive deep into how seeking out multiple sources and perspectives can help to ensure our beliefs and positions are evolving with our changing world.