#30: Finding Better Focus: Why Less is More with Apps and Tech

These days we have SO many choices with apps and tools to use for EVERYTHING! Think about this…

How many times do you switch from one application to another? How many tabs do you have open in your browser? How many times do you pick up your phone and switch back and forth between your phone and your computer? How many applications do you go in and out of on your phone? I was reading something about context switching, and about task switching and the time that it takes away because of lack of focus. There is no question that we are more distracted than ever. And sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking well, that’s just what we need to do in order to run our business in order to do our job in order to live our life. 

But we are at the point where there are so many options with technology apps, and tools that we can access on our computers on our desktops, on our laptops on our phone on our iPads, so consuming and stepping into so many of them, switching from one to another causes us to lose so much time, focus and brain energy. No wonder we’re exhausted at the end of the day. Do you notice that? 

Want to find better focus – Hint, close all those apps and tabs! I’m discussing why less is more on the podcast today!