#29: Want Raving Fans? Focus on  Building Systems for Predictable Outcomes 

If you know me, you know that my background includes a lot of history working on building Predictable Customer Outcomes – focused on delivering the product and service that is expected. So when I thought about talking about this today, I really wanted to do that from a place of relatability and my own experience.  And I wanted to talk about it in a way that everyone can relate to, reflecting on their own experience as a customer and perhaps providing service to customers. 

Through my working and business experience, I am often called in to fix when something isn’t working in an organization. I find that either systems aren’t there or they aren’t practiced and followed to create a predictable result. When operations aren’t right it is glaring and so apparent to me what the issue is….but particularly where it’s really apparent is when I’m standing there watching it all unfold.

That’s why when I thought about the title of this podcast, my first thought was What Working in Restaurants Taught me about Operations and Customer Service.  I bet you want to know why!!