A Significant Change

After spending 10 years working as the Director of Product Management for a data research company, I thought I was safe. Safe from losing my job, safe in keeping a steady income, safe with everything the corporate world tells you it will do for you. I mean this company was owned by Nielsen Media, a multi-billion dollar company.  It was solid and I had a track record of success and accomplishments.  I worked hard, not only because it helped my family and I, but because I loved it. I guess after working for 20 years in the industry and for 10 years working in senior management at the executive level, I was comfortable.

Sadly, I lost my job. It’s a story much like many others you’ve heard in corporate America.  If I was being honest, in my last years of working there, I had already decided that I wanted to work for myself. It was a risky idea, but the pros always outweighed the cons. More time for my family, for me, and I can choose my own path. It was always an idea I had, but I was scared to pursue it.  Am I crazy? I mean maybe…no one in my family was ever a business owner, and definitely not any women.  It wasn’t until I got “fired” that I had no choice but to start my own path. Losing my job was the biggest turning point in my life…I could not be more grateful.

Yes, when I lost my job, I was angry, scared, and felt betrayed…immediately I was worried about how my family would survive. I spent a few days/weeks looking for new jobs, but each response was “I was overqualified” or “I was asking for too much money.” Some offers were for HALF of what I was making before. I realized that there was no way that I would work for half of my previous salary! It became apparent that corporate looks for young people that will do the same amount of work for half the pay.

So, I began to ask around about opportunities for work and my friend asked me “Can you do training?” Training being one of my core skills, I immediately replied “Yes!” That’s when I started my journey to creating what would become my training and consulting business.

I started working alongside a kick-ass woman entrepreneur that contracted me to do trainings for her clients. She used my corporate experience to do some business development in her company – after 4 years I made some serious improvements to her business! We launched so many new initiatives, increasing her contracts by 10X in sales. Then it hit me, why not do this for myself? While honoring our relationship, I began to branch off a little and started to build relationships with my own clients and starting my own product line. I was excited for new things to come.  Fast forward 14 years and here I am now, doing what I love most — working for myself and designing my days and life the way I want…there’s nothing better!

At this point in my life, I am so thankful for that journey that brought me here.  There is no limitation on what I can do with my business because I am in the driver’s seat.   I am now able to give back, share my experience, and embrace what I was really meant to do. I can run a company based on my own core values, not according to what “corporate think” tells us is the norm.  Being able to challenge norms and think outside the box is the most satisfying part of that.  Some people believe that running a business is risky and that taking a J-O-B is safe…I am living proof that this is not true. When you align with what you were meant to do, stop limiting beliefs about what you can do, then work hard at it, that can bring the most security because YOU are in control.

The main point that I want to share with you is that women are often taught to take what they get. I am asking you to fight for what you want. Want to own your own company? – YES!  Build an empire? – YES!  DO IT! Be your own boss, build that business and work hard to align with your dreams.   By doing that, you are changing the world by inspiring others around you and future generations of women to do the same!