Bossing Up: Gaining Respect in the Workplace

As you make your mark in the work environment, there are many matters that as a woman you will likely navigate.  Women have come a long way, but let’s face it – there’s still more work to do.  Working in a company or owning your own business, really just living in society, you will still…

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Celebrate Success, Big and Small

Being successful isn’t just about all the wins you see when you look at someone at the top of their game. Success comes with many things, most of which is unseen, the hard times: all the stress, all the time lost with loved ones (yourself included), or being burned-out or just downright overworked.  Sound familiar?…

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A Significant Change That Redefined Safety

After spending 10 years working as the Director of Product Management for a data research company, I thought I was safe. Safe from losing my job, safe in keeping a steady income, safe with everything the corporate world tells you it will do for you. I mean this company was owned by Nielsen Media, a…

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