#92: Setting Boundaries: How To Say No To Yourself

One of the most overlooked aspects of setting personal boundaries is saying NO to ourselves. While many of us have improved at declining external requests, the real challenge lies in resisting our own temptations and commitments. In this episode of Finding the Upside, I dive into practical strategies for mastering setting boundaries with yourself, ensuring our energy aligns with our most critical goals, and how embracing patience can transform our productivity and satisfaction. I share how I have struggled with this very thing and a realization I had because of a recent time I found myself overcommitted.  I break down how this happened and my thoughts on getting more intentional to create more balance and alignment, while not burning out.  Let’s get into this shorty episode – tune in now!

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [1:03] I Found Myself Questioning This… 
  • [4:41] Patience Is Not My Strong Suit
  • [6:43] Being More Intentional 
  • [9:00] If Everything’s Important, Then Nothing’s Important

Episode Show Notes 

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