#89: Ask Me ANYTHING – YOUR Questions on Business and Life Answered

In this special episode, I am tackling questions received from subcribers, clients and followers!  I’m giving you a peek behind the scenes. Sharing the essentials of crafting impactful training programs across diverse industries. From addressing specific challenges in healthcare and manufacturing to exploring the nuances of customer service in retail, I share the insights I use to serve my clients’ needs. I give you recommendations on how to navigate the evolving landscape of technology in training, and how I keep pace with the ever-changing demands of online learning. This episode is packed with valuable tips and compelling stories from my extensive experience in both corporate and running my own business. Tune in now to start hearing what the sharing in this special episode. 

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [3:22] How I Navigate Evolving Technology To Stay Ahead
  • [7:19] I Bring REAL Stories to The Training Table
  • [14:26] The Umbrella I Created for My Businesses
  • [16:47] I’m Human Just Like Everybody Else
  • [21:13] It’s YOUR Experience

Episode Show Notes 

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