#88: Discovering Your Superpower Through Self-Assessment with Mandy Keene

This week’s episode of Finding the Upside is an intriguing journey into the world of assessments and self-discovery as Mandy and I reveal the magic behind personality assessments.

In this special episode, I am getting super vulnerable as Mandy Keene, an expert in personality assessments, gives me a live breakdown of my personality profile using the powerful Understand.Me platform self-assessment. Mandy reveals how these assessments unlock the secrets of my strengths, values, and potential kryptonite, all while emphasizing the liberating power of self-awareness.

Mandy shares her expert insights on how different assessments like DISC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and StrengthsFinder interconnect, revealing fascinating layers of personality. We are also exploring the importance of understanding love languages and values, creating richer connections both personally and professionally.

Get ready to be inspired by Mandy’s wisdom as we dive into:

  • The liberating power of knowing yourself through assessments
  • How aligning strengths with values leads to deeper fulfillment
  • Practical insights for leaders and teams to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Strategies to uncover your superpower and live authentically

Join Mandy and I in this episode to discover how understand.me’s assessment platform can help to understand yourself and improve relationships like never before.

Show Notes:

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [01:34] : How Understand.Me was Created
  • [8:39] : Diving into My Understand.Me Profile
  • [15:56] : People Believe They Should Value Something That is Not There Authentic Value 
  • [38:45] : A Whole Different Feeling
  • [58:45] : STOP Being Clueless About Your Loved Ones’ Values

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