#26: How Using RESET and Transitions Can Optimize Your Energy and Performance

Doing it differently is my motto!  Morning routines are all the rage right now…everyone is talking about having one and how it will transform your day!  Now let me say that I don’t completely disagree with the idea of a routine that sets you up for success and makes you feel your best.  Routines provide structure and make you not have to think through every step of your day…if you do the same thing it takes less energy for your brain to have to remember what to do – it’s automatic and that has great value.

But what I think is that a morning routine is truly personal and to say that if you’re not doing it the way that is being promoted that you’re a failure is misdirected in my opinion. Are you really doomed if you are not doing things exactly the way it’s being done by others??? – NO!!!  Those messages can make you feel as though there’s something wrong with you and that’s so far from the truth!! So on today’s episode, I am sharing my best tools for optimizing your day and explaining how using RESET and Transitions can allow you to optimize your energy and performance.  Let’s dive in!