#25: One Tough Chick: Stacey Uhrig, The Mindset Flipper

Introducing our NEW series on Finding the Upside – One Tough Chick – a series where we will be interviewing women entrepreneurs who started their own business and shared their journey, all the challenges and the lessons that they have had to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs. Our guest today is Stacey Uhrig, known as The Mindset Flipper. She brings emotional strength, resilience, and post-traumatic wisdom to her clients as a certified trauma recovery coach. In this episode, Stacey shares her journey to bossing up and becoming an entrepreneur, how she started and closed one business only to discover a whole new path to becoming a coach and starting the business she has today. Get ready for a lively and spicy conversation with this TOUGH CHICK!

Warning: Includes explicit language.