#15: Mastering the Practice of Gratitude and Abundance

At this time of year, we are reminded and most of us are more intentional to take time to count our blessings and be grateful.  I think most of us all strive to do that every day — I know I do, but it can be hard when we are busy dealing with the day-to-day reality of life.  The values of gratitude and abundance are common themes that resonate with people globally and most have intentions to make it a habit. Well after 20 years of subscribing to these principles, I finally was truly able to practice it by just making that part of my daily routine.

In this episode, I am talking about how I did that and challenging you to find a way to integrate it into your daily life and really practice it.  Because without practice, we’re not truly able to benefit from living the values of gratitude and abundance. And that PRACTICE is what keeps you centered in the place that allows you to focus on what you HAVE (the upside) rather than what you don’t have …and that allows more abundance in all areas of your life.

Show Notes: ⁠Resources for Practicing Gratitude and Abundance