#11: TRUE LEADERSHIP: The Value of Differences in Your Team

The beauty and value lies in the reality that we are all different…we all have different strengths and weaknesses…we come from different places and we’ve had different experiences…we all have different skills and natural abilities. These days that is often overlooked as many attempt to devalue anything or anyone that is different, purporting that we should all be the same and anyone that is outside of their model is less or inferior. Nothing could be further from the truth and more damaging to us as a society than to believe and strive for everyone to be the same…this is true for your teams as well. Think about it – a baseball team can’t win with a roster full of pitchers – a football team can’t win with a roster full of just QB’s. The differences – the varied strengths and skills married together perfectly creates a perfect symphony – just like all the different instruments in an orchestra create beautiful music. This can and does make for the best team and it’s up to the leader to orchestrate that masterpiece. Today I am talking about how to embrace differences in your team and optimize the varied strengths for the best success.