#84: CREATING LEADERS: Cultivating Possibility with Sal Rametta#84:

NEW SERIES on Finding the Upside! My brand new series “Creating Leaders” is a series where I interview those that are shaping the next wave of leaders.  It’s a task that those who are called to this purpose thrive at, redefining how people lead, and changing the old model of leadership that is so flawed. In today’s episode of Finding the Upside, I interview my friend and colleague, Sal Rametta. Sal and I are super aligned with the vision of creating leaders today; from a perspective that shapes what is possible without limitations. Sal shares his unique journey from entrepreneurship to influencing leadership at The PSBLTY Co. Today’s conversation unpacks the challenges of traditional corporate leadership and proposes a model where vulnerability, understanding, and support pave the way for a healthier, more productive work environment. Tune in to hear how we walk the walk and truly inspire others to impact their teams by being genuine, promoting growth, and allowing the human spirit to thrive in every interaction. 

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [0:25] : Sal’s Leadership Journey 
  • [13:24]: The Definition of Leadership
  • [30:03] : Crafting the “Perfect” Culture
  • [42:58] : Pressure in Leadership
  • [49:15] : How Do We Create Leaders? 

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