#70: 2024 Intentions and Goals

In the first new episode for this year, I am sharing my 2024 Intentions. I open up about my reflections on 2023 and the process I used to ensure 2024 will look the way I want.   I am spilling my thoughts and insights from this past year, reflecting on both personal and business. I’m keeping it real and discussing the ups and downs of my own journey, particularly the challenges and lessons learned as I transition from a traditional service-based business to the dynamic online business landscape over the past two years. Heading into this year it’s all about being intentional…which is why I am focused much more on intention, which then shaped the goals that I have.  After you have listened to this episode, my hope is that you take a moment to reflect on your own intentions for 2024.  So, sit down and get comfy while I take you through what I hope will make 2024 the best year ever! Your journey to living intentionally starts right here, right now with this episode.  Let’s start!

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [2:25] 4 ways to categorize your year
  • [5:15] It’s all about Intention
  • [7:31] 2023 was a Year of Learning and Experimenting
  • [10:54] 2024 is a Year of Performance
  • [11:41] Putting My Intentions Out There… 

Episode Show Notes 

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