#54: Proactive Customer Service – Why THIS Creates Loyalty

Have you ever wondered why some companies totally blow you away with their customer service and others fail?  Is it just luck of the draw or is it a purposeful approach or strategy? Well, it actually is a well-crafted plan that is implemented at all levels in that company…they have truly built the experience by attending to a customer’s needs at every turn.  That’s what makes us feel happy and satisfied vs. walking away disappointed.  In today’s episode of Finding the Upside, I am unpacking and revealing the game-changing world of proactive customer service. Through personal anecdotes and industry examples, I discuss how anticipating customer needs transforms experiences and how the art of service recovery builds loyalty. This isn’t just for customer-facing roles—every part of a business impacts the customer journey. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how proactive customer care can set a business apart and to understand the foundation to an exceptional customer experience.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode… [0:46] How Business Owners can Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

[1:49] One Company’s Unbelievable Job with Customer Service  [2:39] Proactive Customer Service is this… 

[4:18] The Key to Driving Customer Service

[7:58] A Huge Misstep Companies take in Crafting the Customer Journey

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