#51: ADHD Beyond the Classroom: How Executive Function Challenges Impact Adults with Annika Ahlstrom

It seems that more and more we are hearing about ADHD in Adults and how much it impacts an individual’s life. In the past, the focus has been more on children, but many people discovered during the pandemic when structure fell away they were struggling, some were led to find out why and discovered that they had ADHD and/or issues with Executive Function. That’s because the impact from these challenges are everyday life skills and this difference can really create difficulties for people without the right understanding and strategies.  So in today’s episode of Finding the Upside, I am talking about all of that with my special guest, Annika Ahlstrom.  Annika is an Executive Function Coach who has deep experience working with children and families with ADHD and/or Executive Functioning challenges. Now in her private practice, she intends to expand her services to more adults and couples.  We discuss ADHD and Executive Function Issues and why as a society, in all arenas, life, school and the workplace, our approach requires understanding, compassion and education. Join me and Annika, listen to our conversation as we dive deep into this important topic. 

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [01:30] : Annika’s unique background working with children with learning differences
  • [06:39]: Annika’s message to her clients – their way is just a difference and they just need some tools and strategies to reach their potential. 
  • [08:42] : How Annika teaches those who are struggling with the message of “having to fit in” 
  • [14:52]: Why we need to support others who are advocating for what they need
  • [27:49] : The consequences of a child or adult who does not get supports they need
  • [32:23] : Why learning to advocate for yourself as a student when it’s hard helps you succeed as an adult
  • [44:34] : Classroom to the Workplace: Bridging the gap in education for essential life skills

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