#39: Rebel Leaders: Why Being Non-Traditional Works Best

On today’s episode of Finding the Upside, I am talking with Sam Manon about why being a Rebel Leader and breaking away from traditional leadership is most effective. I have always upheld a “doing it different” approach to leadership because I found that it worked better. And this was not the norm and counter to “corpotate think” so it proved tricky at times to operate that way. Sam and I have shared a close friendship spanning over 30 years, and co-led together in senior management at my last coporate position. In this episode, we discuss our unique approach to leadership during a time when traditional leadership styles were the norm. Join us as we dive into our personal experiences and recount the challenges we faced while applying a non-traditional leadership style to show how being a Rebel Leader is the new norm. Listen now! Here’s a quick look at today’s episode…

[9:37] Real-life story: How to get an employee’s to see eye-to-eye after a disagreement

[12:53] Why peception is reality and how to manage the optics of a situation

[27:34] View on how leadership has changed over the years

[38:25] The most difficult decision she has ever had to made as a leader

[55:21] Advice for those who want to lead their team in a non-traditional way

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