#94: The Women Authors Panel – Becoming an Author is Possible For You

Show Notes: 

Have you dreamed of writing a book? This will show you how it may be closer than you think. In this special episode of “Finding the Upside,” recorded live at the 2024 REVIVE and THRIVE Empowerment Summit in Florham Park, New Jersey, I sit down with a dynamic group of women. All the women on this panel are published authors; some have their own book or books, some have accomplished the title of author by collaborating on a book project. Writing a chapter or an entire manuscript — this interview panel is meant to show you this is possible for you. Each woman shares their journey of how they did it and how they moved from wanting to share a story to actually putting it out in print.

Host, Maria DeLorenzis Reyes with guests Lisa Cain , Gina Faust , Tricia Speas, and Heather Romanski and Cassandra Lenox

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [01:27] : Was Being An Author Always A Part of Your Plan? 
  • [10:40] : We All Have Words Inside Us, We May Just Be Afraid to Pull Them Out
  • [15:01] : It’s Not About You
  • [18:18] : How People Are Getting Their Words on a Page  
  • [24:53] : Why Encouraging Others to Write is Important 
  • [32:25] : The Names of Our Current & Future Books

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