#78: Creating Leaders: The Problem with Leadership Today

NEW SERIES premiering soon on Finding the Upside! We are working on our brand new series “Creating Leaders” where I will be interviewing those that are shaping the next wave of leaders.  It’s a task that those who are called to this purpose thrive at, redefining how people lead, and changing the old model of leadership that is flawed.  As a precursor to our first episode premiering in a few weeks, here is an early episode where I discuss that flawed model and reveal the reasons why many “leaders” are failing and ways to change that..

Have you ever thought about how leaders get into leadership?  Most are promoted into a managerial role or leadership role because they were good at their job, not because they had the skills or experience.  Isn’t that crazy how any other field requires some experience or qualification at the entry point?   The most important skills for the job are overlooked and sadly, many times not even a focus to be developed.  The result?  Negative outcomes that impact businesses everyday.  In this episode, Maria discusses the cause and impact of this problem in leadership and how to escape it.  Leaders that recognize their need to gain the skills and experience are the ones that have the best outcomes, for themselves, the business and their people. 

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • [0:34] The Issue of How People Become Leaders 
  • [2:57] To Be An Effective Leader, You Have to… 
  • [5:55] Insight from Stephen Covey’s ‘Trust and Inspired’
  • [11:43] So The Secret Is… 
  • [16:45] Why Becoming a Student of Leadership is Important

Episode Show Notes 

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