#3: The Cost of NOT Doing Something

Making decisions in business always involves considering the cost of resources, whether that’s dollars or time. But far too often, when we are only thinking about the cost of doing something, it stops leaders from moving forward because they haven’t thought through the cost of NOT doing it.  That always leads to short-sighted decisions that can be costly, and cause us to miss an opportunity and lead to really negative outcomes. And things move so quickly today, that we have to be looking at the emerging trends that move into the norm and change business and life — otherwise we might get left behind.  In this episode, Maria discusses how changing our mindset affects our ability to recognize trends and embrace a new and different idea that pushes us with innovation and to do things differently. Entrepreneurs who look at the disruption, pay attention to the fringe and emerging trends, look at changing conditions with the opportunity to do something new and embrace change to find a way to thrive, are the ones that end up finding the upside.